3 Tips to Beat the Heat During the Summer

Summer means fun times ahead! BBQs, the beach, summer concerts, time with friends—the list goes on and on. However, as much as you enjoy summer days, summer nights can be a pain. Because just because the sun goes down at night doesn't mean the heat goes away.

Don't be concerned! There are steps you can take to avoid (or at least reduce the severity of those sticky, steamy nights). If you suffer from night sweats, you can use these same techniques all year.

1. Dress comfortably in natural fibers.

We all know that when we go outside in the summer, we shed layers that weigh us down. We avoid synthetic and heavy fabrics in our daily lives, so why should it be any different when we sleep? Consider this: you spend 8+ hours in bed, which is equivalent to a full day's worth of sweating! If going natural is your thing, go for it, but otherwise look for non-clinging sleepwear.

For the ultimate temperature-regulating, breezy outfit, we recommend silk sleepwear. You'll never go back once you've felt the incredible sensation of silk on your skin.

2. Take a Cool Shower or Bath

It's natural to want to soak or submerge ourselves in cold water when we're feeling hot. That is why relaxing with a cool bath or shower can be beneficial. Now, we're not asking you to go full ice bath. But trust us when we say that there are a slew of health benefits to taking cold baths that go far beyond just feeling refreshed.

3. Bring a glass of water to bed.

Many of you may be using this hack without realizing it! A glass of water can be both hydrating and beneficial to your overall health. How does it work? Staying hydrated allows your body to perform regulatory functions more effectively, including temperature regulation.

Keep in mind that the physical aspects of sleep are just as important as the mental ones. The mind-body connection is essential for improving sleep. And you'll sleep better if you fill your sleep with silk pajamas that make you feel just as important as you are.