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Celebrities' silk pajama fashion

06 Dec 2022

If you want to choose a cloth that can be worn at home or out, it must be silk pajama. With a pair of sexy little high heels to show your style. If you have a set of colorful pajamas, you can match it with a simple white vest, which is also very fashionable to wear out. While maintaining comfort, it is not monotonous. If you want to wear a silk pajamas set elegantly, it would be good to choose a black, white and gray series. Tying the top into the pants can improve the overall waist line and feel more energetic. If you have a playful and fashionable pajama set, you may wish to try a fun mix style. While keeping the overall color consistent, wear some jackets with a sense of design, such as coats, suits, or artificial fur. Finally, some earrings with diamonds can create a retro luxury style.

How these stars play pajamas

Rosie Huntington-White's outfit is always domineering and gentle.The white silk slip dress is simply matched with nude square sandals, and the elegant atmosphere has been successfully created.With the addition of sunglasses and handbags, the overall look has become more aura.


Haley's favorite is a pajama suit of the same color all over the body. It is basically a very conservative solid color to show her fashion taste. With handbags and jewelry, it has the feeling of a fashionable urban beauty.


Rihanna's matching of pajama is much bolder. The inside is a sexy nightdress with lace. Even with leisure-style jackets and shoes, the overall outfit is very harmonious.


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