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Silk scrunchies for your hair

22 Nov 2022

Scrunchies are accessories we use every day. Except keeping your hair from frizz, it can also help you shape a lot of fashionable hairstyles. But traditional scrunchies can cause hair damage and breakage when you pull or tug at your hair. Some hair rope, especially the ones with metal connector pieces, may leave dents in your hair, which will ruin your day.

Silk hair scrunchies made from high-quality mulberry silk don't dent the hair so much due to the looser fit and softer silk fabric. It prevents frizz and other kinds of hair damage caused by traditional hair ties. Since scrunchies have no tightness or pull on them, there is no damage to your hair at all.

Silk scrunchies will not dry your hair out, thus they are better for curly hair. They are gentle to your curls and will help keep them hydrated and keep your hairstyle in place. Silk scrunchies are also good for your hair because they reduce the friction that comes from elastic bands. The friction between the silk and the hair is very small, which can reduce hair breakage, splitting, and pulling and make the hair silky.

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