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Silk underwear-for the person you care about

17 Nov 2022

A pair of comfortable underwear can not only improve the quality of our lives, but more importantly, take care of the health of our private parts. If you have been wearing cotton underwear before, it is recommended that you try silk underwear once, you will fall in love with this cool and light feeling.

Silk panties can keep your body at a proper temperature. For buttocks that are wrapped in a long time, silk can be breathable and comfortable, while maintaining the skin's moisture balance, and reducing the growth of bacteria caused by heat and humidity. Especially in summer, the moment you put on your sexy silk panties  you will feel cool.

Silk underwear is also hypoallergenic. The skin on our buttocks is very sensitive and delicate. As a natural fabric, silk has no irritation of our skin and can provide our private area protection. It contains plenty of water molecules, which can make our skin smoother. Wearing silk underwear will become a pleasure and you don't even want to take it off.

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