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Why is silk so expensive?

18 Dec 2022

When it comes to high-end fabrics, the first thing that comes to mind is silk, because silk is very comfortable to wear and can be very close to the skin. Silk is also known as the “second skin.” A set of silk bedding usually costs hundreds of dollars, and everyone knows that silk is expensive. But does anyone know why silk is so expensive?


The length of silk extracted from a silkworm cocoon is about 1,000 meters, and good quality silk can even be drawn more than 1,300 meters! We use silk when making silk bedding or silk sleepwear. Each is made of a number of (mostly 6-8) cocoons. The combined thickness is similar to that of our hair.

The complexity of the weaving process

After the silkworm cocoon enters the factory, it must go through the process of silk reeling. Silkworm cocoons become raw materials for silk factories. They must go through many processes, such as selecting the cocoon, boiling the cocoon, threading, sorting, gathering, wrapping, reeling, re-shaking, drying and so on. The complexity of this craft and the hard work of the workers make the price of silk higher! There are so many complicated processes required for silk fabrics alone. Together with the subsequent craftsmanship (hand-painted, embroidered, etc.), you can imagine the price.

Carefully care

Silk is a protein fiber that is resistant to acids and alkalis, so detergents and even perspiration in daily life can easily cause its fibers to split. Being very delicate, it is also easy to wrinkle and scratch.

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