Pure Silk Night Turban Sleep Cap

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    Have you got tired of waking up with fizzy and dry hair? Have you been worried about hair loss? Have you expected your expensive new hairstyle will last longer?

    Our silk sleep cap is made with soft, smooth, breathable, and lightweight silk material.

    Silk is rich in 18 amino acids, which is hypoallergenic, anti-aging and resistant to dust mites, ideal for your skin and hair. The silk fabric helps to retain the natural moisture of your skin and hair and stop them from drying out overnight.

    It helps to protect your hairstyle and maintain its shine.

    It minimizes the friction between your hair and the pillow, which helps to prevent your hair from breaking or developing split ends or tangles while sleeping.

    It allows your expensive hairstyles to glide over the pillow and retain their shape.

    It is great for sufferers of common allergic reactions, such as itchy skin.

    It's big enough to hold the majority of people's hair.

    Our silk sleep cap will be one of your best companions while traveling as it is small enough to slip into your travel bag with ease.

    This classic silk sleep designed with a concise style offers a place to hold your hair and keeps your look charmful.

  • Material: 100% Mulberry Silk.
  • Fits head sizes: 24.4 inches-27.5 inches (Unisex and designed to fit most sizes)
  • Elastic Band
  • Retains hair's natural moisture and shine, less breakage while sleeping. Prevents loss of hair and helps re-growth. Keeps your hairstyle fresh looking and wake up with no frizz/bed head.
  • No frizz, no tugging, no damage.....just pure silky smoothness.
  • Care Instructions

    - Machine-washable in lukewarm water (30°C) on the most gentle cycle available.

    - Minimize spin time.

    - Hang dry if possible.

    - Tumble dry on a cool setting if using drying machine. Avoid drying for extended period of time.

    - Iron when slightly damp using a cool setting. Always iron on the nside.

    - Use neutral or special detergent for silk.

    - Keep out of touch of pets/sharp objects.

    Silk Identification

    Pull out a few threads from the side of the cloth and light them up. As they’re burning, watch closely to see if:The threads will crumple and smell like burning hair - this is a clear sign of authentic, natural silk. After they burn down, you should get a bunch of ashes, which are easily scattered,there is no smell of burnt plastic. If there is, then you’re dealing with synthetic silk. Also, if there’s black smoke coming from the fire and the threads are still smoldering after you put them out, then it’s artificial silk for sure.However, this is a skill you will never have to use when ordering from SILKSILKY since we offer our clients only 100% pure mulberry silk. Learn More...

    SKU: CYX-YM001-Wine

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 24 reviews
    Nicolas B.

    Bonnet de Nuit Turban de Nuit en Pure Soie

    Alessandra P.

    Pure Silk Night Turban Sleep Cap

    Helena M.
    Lovely to sleep in

    Not sure if it helps my hair only used it twice and it seems to flatten it done. But get a good night sleep in it.

    Elysia J.
    Love it!

    Should have bought one ages ago. Great value for money. I’m impressed with it, especially for the price. My hair is naturally wavy & frizzy. Was surprised at how sleek my hair looked after wearing it overnight, without even applying any products! I thought it might hurt my head at night & stop me from sleeping, but I don’t even notice it’s there. Stays in place well over night too. More comfortable than having hair loose & everywhere! Has been great wearing it around my 9 month old baby who loves grabbing my hair! I even wear mine occasionally during the day when I’m at home, to smooth out my hair if it needs a boost. I even use it as a liner when I wear a wooly hat too, to stop it messing up my hair.

    richard g.
    Provides great protection for my hair

    It stays on at night despite tossing and turning. I like that its adjustable using the ties used to secure the cap.